Proserve has invested in a new Gritter and extra salt supplies to tackle wintry conditions businesses may have to deal with.  Proserve are now offering a gritting service for companies in the north Wales area, with specialist equipment to grit car parks, roads and pathways.

Companies may wish to consider their plans for managing the risks of snow and ice at their sites.  Proserve’s professional team has already carried out nightly gritting service at many of the organisations on the Wrexham Industrial Estate.  With a large stock holding of salt, Proserve are prepared to tackle any conditions that the North Wales weather has in store.

Proserve provide a full gritting service to both public and private sector companies, going onto their sites (normally) outside working hours and gritting car parks, entrances and footpaths automatically when the daily forecast for road surface temperatures falls to, or below, 0˚C. Costings are based on a square meterage of site to be treated.

Anyone unprepared for future bad weather may wish to contact Proserve on 01978 664630 for an assessment of their site for a gritting treatment.